GordsFord has developed a new Heat Exchanger (HE) design for the 03/04 Cobra.

Greater cooling efficiency enables a sharp tuner to dial in more timing, or allows a greater safety margin in the existing tune. The stock system is adequate for normal driving on the street with moderate ambient temperatures, but for any serious drag racing with frequent runs, open tracking on the sports car circuits, or extended spirited driving in high air temperatures, heat soak can be a real problem for our cars, particularly with a pulley for increased boost levels.

The engine will lose a significant amount of horsepower, and when too hot the computer will start to dump boost and cut off cylinders and goes into a "limp" mode.

March 07, 2004 Update: Protective Screens
The new protective screens are now available for the GordsFord Heat Exchanger and can be ordered in natural, aluminum or black finishes.

These are high quality mesh grills designed to fit the GordsFord HE and will protect your heat exchanger from hazardous road debris.

February 24, 2004 Update: Complete Fan Kits
Following the success of the GordsFord Heat Exchanger units, we are now making available a retrofit fan kit and the optional installation of the fans to a new fan-ready HE unit. The fans provide even more cooling capacity for those who participate regularly in quarter mile drag racing, open tracking on sports car circuits, or extended spirited driving in high air temperatures.