Protective Heat Exchanger Screens

GordsFord has just released a protective wire mesh screen to prevent damage from road debris that could puncture your heat exchanger core. A worthwhile investment and and it adds a customized element to the look of your Cobra. Colour options include Natural, Aluminum and Black.

High Performance Fans

Fit is as important as function, as some aftermarket units hang below the heat exchanger limiting their functionality (by drawing air from around the HE instead of through it), and also will increase the potential to catch on low obstacles resulting in damage to the fans, the heat exchanger or even the power steering cooler.

GordsFord Performance has researched the available fans and has selected what we consider to be the highest quality units available, produced by SPAL of Italy. The fan kits include:

Twin SPAL 6.5 inch, 330 CFM fans drawing 6.5 amps current each.
30 amp Fan Relay and wiring harness, connectors and mounting hardware.
1 switch and mounting panel.
8 modified fan mounting bracket assemblies and bolts.
8 stainless steel mounting bolts, lock nuts, and washers.
4 Rivnuts and setting tool kit.
Aluminum shield/reinforcement strip to suit fan dimensions.
Aluminum bracket and stainless steel bolt/nut/washers for re-positioning the stock power steering fluid cooler. No detachment of lines or hoses is required.

Please don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions!